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Luxury motor yachts

Pure hedonism

  • Experience of a lifetime


    Within crewed yacht charters, luxury sailing yachts are the most attractive type of charter. Luxury Croatia holidays on a sailing cruise ship will provide you an experience of a lifetime. For all those who search a dynamic and individualized holiday filled with hedonism, luxury sailing holidays are perfect choice.

  • Experience of a lifetime


    Our major goal is to provide you with an amazing experience. Being present on this market for many years, led us to the point in which we got to know in person all owners and captains. This is why we stand by the fact that all luxury sailing boats from our offer provide an ultimate service.

  • Experience of a lifetime


    Even though very spacious, the number of accommodation units on luxury sailing yachts is not big, in order to provide plenty of privacy space and intimate surrounding.


Selected Luxury motor yachts

    1. Length: 45 m
    2. Cabin: 6
    3. Crew members: 7
    4. FROM: 42.000 €
    1. Length: 49,30 m
    2. Cabin: 6
    3. Crew members: 8
    4. FROM: 61.600 €
    1. Length: 56 m
    2. Cabin: 19
    3. Crew members: 10
    4. FROM: 45.000 €