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Sailing boats

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  • The best way to get away


    If visiting Dalmatian coast, one of the most beautiful ways to explore it is by chartering a sailing boat. For all active individuals who like to have liberty and dictate their own tempo, sailing boat will definitely be an excellent choice.

  • The best way to get away


    In order to rent a sailboat for your Adriatic holidays, you must possess a valid skipper licence and certain skills in operating a sailing boat. But, it doesn’t mean that sailing is not an option for you if you don’t have a licence. You can simply rent a skipper and get ready to enjoy your Adriatic yacht charter.

  • The best way to get away


    From our offer you can choose your perfect sailing boat. For sailing Croatia islands by chartering a luxury crewed sailing boat, you treat yourself with high-level experience. If you always put experience before comfort, standard sailing boat is all you need.


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